"Legendary British poet, two sisters and romantic Venice..."




British poet Lord Byron is at the very center of this universal story unfolding in the romantic and sensual 19th-century Venice, mirroring Europe with heroes coming from different nations, embraced by noble music, a masterly direction and lavish orchestration.


The action of this thrilling story takes place in Venice in 1820. The focus of attention is on Lord Byron and his relation with two sisters, Marie and Brigitte, who are in love with the same man.


Few likeable heroes, tangled up in unexpected love and life traps, parade through this story full of unexpected twists. In a time unsympathetic to emotions, our heroes will experience the strongest love.


The musical Byron, created through an excellent collaboration of the writer Miro Gavran and composer Darko Domitrović. Miro Gavran wrote very intriguing text and Darko Domitrović powerful and impactful music.


"Along with a very engaging score, there's the natural stage-worthiness of the story. A show about Byron! What could be more naturally theatrical? More of an audience-grabber? The way Mr. Domitrovic and his collaborators designed the story-line for the show is sure-fire. Many of the melodies are immediately memorable; all are designed well for their place in the plot.
I have no doubt it will be a hit."

Dr. Edward Green (Manhattan School of Music, New York)


Mjuzikl Byron Darka Domitrovića i Mire Gavrana u režiji Ivane Čoh te u izvedbi Zagrebačkog gradskog kazališta Komedija iz Zagreba dobitnik je nagrade HDDU-a (Nagrada hrvatskog glumišta) za cjelokupni mjuzikl Byron kao najbolja predstava/mjuzikl u cjelini u 2018-toj godini!

The musical Byron by Darko Domitrović and Miro Gavran, directed by Ivana Čoh and performed by the Zagreb City Theater Komedija, won the award of the HDDU (Croatian Theater Award) for the entire musical Byron as the best play/musical as a whole in 2018!


Novi list, 12. 06. 2017.

"... Byron has a caleidoscopic dimension and a hypnotic effect on the audience.“

Jutarnji list, 28. 02. 2017.

"...clear, soft, musical and attractive theatrical play on love-filled and revolutionary Venetian days of Lord Byron…“

Hrvatsko slovo, 24. 03. 2017.

"... the music is strong and eloquent, filled and interwoven with beautiful melodies; close, warm, honest, subtle and passionate...“

Večernji list, 28. 02. 2017.

"... The audience warmly welcomed the full-blooded musical, which features a coherent libretto and successful, stylistically diverse music.“



Darko Domitrović

After completing the Music school Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb he continued his education at the P.I. Tschaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and at the Hochschule fur Music und darstellende Kunst in Vienna. Since 1990 he works at the Musical Academy in Zagreb, Department for solo singing. He is a member of the Croatian Composers' Society and the Croatian Society of Music Artists. He has won four first prizes in the piano competitions held in ex-Yugoslavia, and is a laureate of the International piano competition Citta di Senigallia in Italy. He has performed in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, England, Japan, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Russia, Poland, United States of America (Puerto Rico, N.Y., Hawaii, Florida, Ohio), Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Slovenia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He performed concerts and has recorded solo and as accompanist for singers and violinists. He is the author of music for musical Byron and many works for piano solo (cycle Pianobook...), vocal works (cycles Cervantes Songs, Lorca Songs...) and pop music.


Miro Gavran

He graduated dramaturgy at the Academy for theatre, film and television in Zagreb. He has performed the most out of all contemporary croatian playwriters in the country and abroad over the past fifteen years. His works have been translated into more than 40 languages. He has had more than 300 theatre premieres around the world. Starting with Zagreb, Rotterdam, Maribor, Washington, Paris, Kraków, and Sofia, all the way to Bombay, Buenos Aires, Ljubljana, Pécs, Bratislava, Athens, Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Mostar, Vienna, Budapest, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen...
His plays have seen more than three million people. He is the only living writer in Europe who has a theatre festival dedicated to him. Only plays incurred according to his texts are performed at the festival. He received more than twenty literary and theater awards in the country and abroad, among them the award Central European Time (1999), given to the best Central European writers for the entire opus and award European circle (2003) for the affirmation of European values in literary texts.


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